Hinckley BF Beer/Cider List

Beer List

(May be subject to change without notice)

Cask No Brewery Beer Type ABV% Tasting Notes
1 ABInBev , Samlesbury , Lancashire Bass Pale Ale Bitter 4.4% First brewed in 1777 and registered in 1876. Bass Pale Ale still uses it's original recipe. A complex nutty, malty taste with subtle hop undertones
3 Heritage , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Charrington IPA IPA 4.5% A malty aroma with resinous English hop notes. A pleasant hoppy bite leading to a smooth malty flavour.
4 Heritage , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Three Brewers Heritage Golden 4.1% A wet pine forest aroma with a mature bitterness.
5 Heritage , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Offilers Best Bitter Best Bitter 4.0% A mild to medium bitterness and biscuit notes.
6 Heritage , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Charrington Oatmeal Stout Stout 4.0% A well-balanced nutty flavour with a slight bitterness and a hint of treacle. Surprisingly full-bodied.
7 Heritage , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Masterpiece IPA IPA 5.4% Hints of smoke and spice enhanced by fragrant fruity character and a top note of fresh bread.
8 Heritage , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Massey's Original Mild Mild 4.0% Single hopped, mildy bitter with a dry aftertaste
9 Heritage , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Victoria Pale Ale Light Bitter 3.5% Light but unexpectedly full-flavoured with a rich golden colour and pleasant mellow finish.
10 Molson - Coors , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Worthington's White Shield IPA 5.6% Aromatic hops, toasted cereal notes and hints of smoke and spice enhanced by fragrant fruity character.
11 Molson - Coors , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire Worthington's Cask Ale Bitter 3.6% With rich, malty and toffee notes, sweet and lightly hoppy with a distinct fruity aroma.
12 Molson - Coors , Burton On Trent , Staffordshire M & B Brew X1 Bitter 3.6% Characterised by hop notes giving way to buttery toffee and fruit flavours of apples, bananas and plums with a hint of vanilla.
13 Abbeydale , Sheffield , South Yorkshire Illumination Golden 4.5% Pale and hoppy. A good bitterness and powerful bouquet. Full of flavour.
14 Animal , Long Crendon , Buckinghamshire Black Swan Black IPA 4.6% All the comforts of a dark beer. Perfect for the unpredictable weather of late summer/ early Autumn.
15 Black Sheep , Masham , Buckinghamshire Baa Baa Light Bitter 4.0% A modern pale ale with bags of hop character.
16 Blue Monkey , Giltbrook , North Yorkshire Ape Ale Strong Bitter 5.4% Aromas of resinous pine and juicy citrus.
17 Blue Monkey , Giltbrook , Nottinghamshire Bonobo Black IPA 5.3% A powerful black IPA loaded with magnum, centennial, cascade and nelson hops for an explosive finish!
18 Bushy's , Braddan , Nottinghamshire Old Bushy Tail Bitter 4.5% Slightly sweet and malty on the palate, with distinct orangy tones. The full finish is malty and hoppy a hint of toffee.
19 Buswells , Burbage , Isle Of Man Best Bitter Best Bitter 4.5% A traditional black country styled best bitter with an initial sweetness that is broken by a dry and hopped taste with hints of biscuit.
20 Buswells , Burbage , Leicestershire Mollifier Mild 4.2% A robust dark ale with deep chocolate overtones and hints of coffee.
21 Castle Rock , Nottingham , Leicestershire Elsie Mo Strong Bitter 4.7% A blend of hops – Challenger predominating – tempts you with its aroma and leaves a pleasantly crisp aftertaste.
22 Castle Rock , Nottingham , Nottinghamshire Screech Owl Strong Bitter 5.5% Smooth citrus, fresh upfront bitterness with a long hop finish
23 The Cat Asylum , Collingham , Nottinghamshire 1963 Best Bitter 4.4% An old fashioned balanced London bitter from 1963, with Fuggles and Goldings, where the malt taste predominates.
24 Church End , Ridge Lane , Nottinghamshire Pews Porter Porter 4.5% A rich roasted porter with plenty of mouth feel. Moderately hopped with a thirst quenching finish.
25 Church End , Ridge Lane , Warwickshire Old Pal Old Ale 5.0% A rich, copper coloured beer which is stacked full of abundant malty flavours and a suprisingly dry finish.
26 Church End , Ridge Lane , Warwickshire Goats Milk Light Bitter 3.8% Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2017. Golden yellow nectar. Pale barley, crystal malt and oats, blend to fill the palate with flavour. Aromatic hops dance over the tongue for a gentle hop finish.
27 Dancing Duck , Derby , Warwickshire Abduction Strong Bitter 5.5% A myriad of tropical fruit flavours in harmonious balance with an enjoyable level of hoppy bitterness, a good malt character and a very clean finish. This a dangerously drinkable
28 Dancing Duck , Derby , Derbyshire Quack Addict Bitter 3.8% A deep chestnut beer with a great malty character and spicy mollases and blackcurrant notes.
29 Elliswood , Hinckley , Derbyshire Flaming Star Bitter 3.8% The latest beer from Hinckley's own micro brewery
30 Elliswood , Hinckley , Leicestershire Royal Standard 1485 Best Bitter 4.8% A majestic deep red bitter, sweet toffee taste, with caramel undertones.
31 Elliswood , Hinckley , Leicestershire Fosse 107 Bitter 4.5% Poptastic! Named after the local radio station.
32 Everards , Leicester , Leicestershire Tiger Best Bitter 4.2% A perfectly balanced ale
33 Everards , Leicester , Leicestershire Old Original Strong Bitter 5.2% The ultimate strong ale with rich and fruity flavours,
34 Falstaff , Normanton , Leicestershire Smiling Assassin Strong Bitter 5.2% Dark amber in colour with a fruity malt nose. Fruity malt flavours and a fruity finish with hops coming through at the end.
35 Five Towns , Wakefield , Derbyshire Owt'll Do Strong Mild 4.6% Easy drinking dark mild with added rum!
36 Flipside , Colwick , West Yorkshire Empress Rupee IPA 5.8%
37 Flipside , Colwick , Nottingham Franc in Stein Golden 4.3%
38 Framework , Leicester , Nottingham Dane Hills Red Lager 5.1% A crisp and malty lager with Scandi spirit
39 Froth Blowers , Erdington , Leicestershire Piffle Snonker Bitter 3.8% A pale coloured ale with a floral nose, slightly sweet start and bitter finish
40 Froth Blowers , Erdington , Birmingham Hornswoggle Strong Bitter 5.0% An easy drinking, strong, pale-coloured ale
41 Gadds , Ramsgate , Birmingham No 3 Strong Bitter 5.0%
42 Gadds , Ramsgate , Kent She Sells Sea Shells Bitter 4.7%
43 Golden Duck , Appleby Magna , Kent Lunny's No8 Best Bitter 4.8% A really hoppy bitter with a fruity and lasting aroma. American hops have been used to give this beer a fresh and fruity pallet
44 Golden Duck , Appleby Magna , Leicestershire LFB Golden 4.3% Very smooth and palatable. An old fashioned no nonsense mildly hoppy beer with a slightly bitter edge and long lasting flavour.
45 Grainstore , Oakham , Leicestershire Ten Fifty Strong Bitter 5.0% A full strength mahogany coloured beer, possessing the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness & aroma against a a natural malty sweetness.
46 Great Heck , Great Heck , Rutland Christopher Golden 4.5% Moderate bitterness and a hoppy, resinous punch of flavour and aroma from the addition of lashings of American Columbus – hence Christopher – hops.
47 Half Moon , Ellerton , North Yorkshire F'Hops Sake Golden 3.8% A bright golden ale with a refreshing hit of grapefruit and a good hoppy finish.
48 Half Moon , Ellerton , North Yorkshire Bark at the Moon Double IPA 7.0% A bitter start leads into fresh citrus and berry flavours and a bold hoppy finish
49 Hooded Ram , Douglas , North Yorkshire Rams Head Bitter Bitter 3.7% A classic amber coloured English Bitter with a balanced hop and malt mouth feel
50 Hooded Ram , Douglas , Isle Of Man Jack The Ram Stout 4.7% Rich chocolate coffee aromas and silky smooth to taste
51 Market Bosworth , Stoke Golding , Isle Of Man Parma Violet Porter Speciality 5.0% Decepitively easy to drink, this strong beer is an unusual marriage of a Victorian beer recipe and 80's sweets.
52 Milestone , Newark , Leicestershire Rich Ruby Bitter Bitter 4.5% A rich, fruity aroma produced by a combination of crystal and chocolate malts
53 Milestone , Newark , Nottinghamshire Raspberry Wheat Beer Speciality 5.6% A continental style wheat beer infused with fresh, wild raspberries.
54 Newby Wyke , Grantham , Nottinghamshire White Squall Strong Bitter 4.8% Pale and blonde in colour with a full hoppy taste and wonderful fruity finish.
55 North Riding , Scarborough , Lincolnshire Pale Ale Version 4 Bitter 4.0% Expect grapefruit, pine, tropical fruits and subtle floral notes.
56 North Riding , Scarborough , North Yorkshire US Session IPA Version 25 Bitter 3.8% Flavours and aromas include distinct tropical (pineapple) and citrus tones with slight pine characteristics.
57 Phoenix , Heywood , North Yorkshire Arizona Golden 4.0% Sweet, light citrus with a hint of orange.
58 Pig Pub , Claybrooke Magna , Lancashire Pale Ale Golden 3.9% Grassy and herbal with a sharp lemon taste.
59 Sentinel , Sheffield , Leicestershire Summer Gold Golden 4.0% Evokes those golden summer days with every refreshing mouthful of soft peach and ripe lemons.
60 Thame , Thame , South Yorkshire Hoppiness Light Bitter 3.8%
61 Thornbridge , Bakewell , Derbyshire Jaipur IPA Strong Bitter 5.9% Citrus dominated, soft and smooth builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.
62 Thornbridge , Bakewell , Derbyshire Kipling Golden 5.2% Golden blonde beer with an exquisite passionfruit, gooseberry and mango aroma. Initial sweetness and full body are balanced by a lasting grapefruit-like bitter finish.
63 Titanic , Burslem , Staffordshire Plum Porter Speciality 4.9% Dark strong and well rounded
64 Turning Point , Kirkbymoorside , North Yorkshire Electric Eye Bitter 4.5% Slight spice in flavour, and a huge orange aroma from Amarillo hops by the bucket full.
65 Wantsum , St Nicholas At Wade , Kent Black Pig Porter 4.8%
66 Wantsum , St Nicholas At Wade , Kent Red Raddle Strong Bitter 5.0% A 5 Hop, ruby red premium bitter with biscuit and toasted malt base supporting a broad hoppy smooth finish.
67 Windmill Hill , Radford Semele , Warwickshire The Amber Post Bitter 4.0% Deep amber in colour, this well balanced beer consists of sweet malt and light roasted notes with a subtle bitterness and a dry finish.
68 Windmill Hill , Radford Semele , Warwickshire Chesterton IPA IPA 4.2% Golden amber in colour, this well balanced beer consists of caramel, light fruits, and roasted malt hints.
69 Wold Top , Driffield , North Yorkshire Against The Grain Bitter 4.5% Refreshing bitterness and citrus aftertaste. The gluten content is certified to be well below the required codex standard of 20 ppm.
70 XT , Long Crendon , Buckinghamshire 17 Best Bitter 4.5% A series of single hop beers - showcasing a wide variety of hop varieties. The series has included: Jester, Olicana, Citra and Kazbek
71 XT , Long Crendon , Buckinghamshire Brithop Strong Bitter 5.0% HOPS = #Top Secret# as yet unreleased hop varieties available exclusively to XT

Cider List

Note: Not all ciders will be available at the same time

Cider Producer Name Type S/M/D ABV
Virtual Orchard Hop in Cider Fruit/ Special M/D 5.5%
Cokeyed Devon Jasper Cider M/S 5.0%
Dorset Nectar Wild Cat Cider M 5.0%
Dorset Sunshine Summer Light Cider S 4.5%
Twisted Wild Orchard Cider S 6.0%
West Milton Real Cider Dry Cider D 5.0%
Severn Cider New Orchard Cider M 4.8%
Beard and Sabre Dark Raven Fruit/ Special S 4.0%
Mr Whitehead's Novo Pyrus Perry D 7.0%
Mr Whitehead's Midnight Special Perry M 5.0%
New Forest Kingston Black Cider D 7.4%
Newton Court Panting Partridge Perry Perry M 5.8%
Snails Bank Pineapple and Pink Grapefruit Fruit/ Special S 4.0%
Snails Bank Very Perry Perry M 5.1%
Olivers Shezam Cider M/D 6.5%
Once upon a tree Harry Taylor's Thrown Hat Cider M 5.0%
Bottle Kicking Scrambler Cider M/D 7.0%
Bottle Kicking Rambler Cider M/S 6.0%
Saxby's Plum Fruit/ Special M/S 3.8%
Harry's No 8 Cider S 6.2%
Orchard Pig Explorer Cider M 4.5%
Perry's Vintage Pathfinder Fruit/ Special M 7.2%
Pilton Tamoshanta Fruit/ Special M/S 4.0%
Seacider Blood Orange Fruit/ Special M 4.0%
Napton Red Devil Cider M 7.0%
Hogan's Hazy Daisy Cider M/S 3.9%
Skidbrooke Farmhouse Cider D 6.0%
Worley's Mendip Hills Cider M 6.4%
Scrumpy Wasp Nice Pear Pyder Perry M/S 5.0%
Sheppy's Orchard Dew Cider M/S 6.0%
Lilley's Mango Cider S 4.0%
Updated 8 September 2017