MBRAF Beer List 2017

Please note: The breweries are grouped as follows:
East Coast 1-46 and LocAles 47+
Each section is in alphabetical order by brewery

(May be subject to change without notice)

No Brewery Beer Colour ABV Notes
1 1648 Triple Champion Chestnut 4.0% Deep chestnut, old fashioned English bitter with a rich malty back taste
2 1648 Sacred Solstice Golden 4.3% 2016 SIBA BRONZE AWARD Celebrate those summer nights. Golden spicy ale with a hint of Elderflower and Ginger aroma
3 8 Sail Rolling Stone Pale 4.3% Hopped with new British Hop Varieties. Combining the old and the new - wind power milling and new hops, this unique beer is truly 'From Field to Flagon'.
4 Batemans East Coast Screamer Golden 4.0% A unique blend of American style hops and extended barrel ageing create a powerfully hopped, golden beer.
5 Big Lamp Prince Bishop Ale Golden 4.8% A good, clean, tasty bitter
6 Big Lamp Lamp Light Golden 4.2% A crisp, light coloured, refreshing ale, with a dry aftertaste
7 Black Hole Cosmic Amber 4.2% Amber with malt and english hops taste of fruit and nuts
8 Black Hole Milky Way Golden 6.0% Pale wheat beer honey and banana spicy finish
9 Brewster's Marquis Amber 3.8% English session beer, rich malty colour. Light juicy maltiness perfectly balance by delicate hoppy finish
10 Brewster's Hop A Doodle Doo Copper 4.3% A copper coloured ale, brewed with four malts and three hops. It has a full bodied feel and a delicious fruity hop character
11 Buffys India Ale Golden 4.6% Golden in colour and flavoured with dwarf First Gold hops
12 Buffys Norwich Terrier Golden 3.6% A pale refreshing bitter beer is brewed using Halcyon and Marris Otter malts. It is flavoured with First Gold hops whilst Styrian and Mounthood hops add to the aroma
13 Crouch Vale Amarillo Golden 5.0% Aromas of Amarillo hops and a lasting spicy and orangy flavour. Cara malt provides a little burnished colour, but the light body belies its strength
14 Crouch Vale Essex Blonde Golden 4.7% Featuring a whole new hop grist (Chinook, Summit and Mosaic)
15 Dark Star Revelation Golden 5.7% A blend of Warrior, Cascade, Columbus, Crystal and Chinook by the sack full – then dry hopped during conditioning using our ‘Hoptimizer’
16 Dark Star Espresso Dark 4.2% A black beer brewed with roasted barley malt and challenger hops. Then freshly ground Arabica coffee beans are added to the copper for a few minutes after the boil to provide a rich and complementary coffee aroma
17 Durham White Velvet Golden 4.2% Pale and smooth. One of the first “White Beers” and still one of the best. Lots of character and very quaffable. The base is provided by gentle Cluster, American hops.
18 Durham White Stout Golden 7.2% Unfined
19 Elgoods Black Dog Dark 3.6% An award-winning cask conditioned traditional dark mild. Well balanced malt and hops gives a pleasant aroma and taste, with splendid roasted bitter flavours.
20 Elgoods Cambridge Bitter Amber 3.9% Gold Medal Winning, malty, fruity aroma with a bitter finish.
21 Fat Cat Marmalade Copper 5.5% A flavoursome copper ale combines English pale malt with speciality Munich malt for complexity and a smooth finish. Norfolk Beer of the Year 2016! A multi-award winner, once nominated for Champion Beer of Britain.
22 Fat Cat Lemon Sencha Golden 5.0% A refreshing Green Tea with Lemon – including both juice and peel, as well as aroma-enhancing lemongrass. Light and lovely.
23 Franklins English Garden Golden 3.8% Session ale with a bright golden colour using 5 specially selected US hops providing citrus and grapefruit with a floral aroma balanced beautifully against the sweet malt base.
24 Great Newsome Elderflower Power Golden 4.6% Floral/Fresh/Blonde, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Whole Hops, Yeast, Natural Flavouring
25 Great Newsome Frothingham Best Amber 4.3% Amber/Raisin & Hazelnut/Resin Hop & Peach Fruit/Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Pilgrim, Whole Hops, Yeast
26 Great Newsome Sleck Dust Golden 3.8% Straw/Floral/Lemony Citrus/Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Whole Hops, Yeast
27 Great North Eastern Rivet Catcher Golden 4.0% Golden ale
28 Great North Eastern Swinging Gibbet Amber 4.1% Amber ale
29 Green Jack Summer Dream Golden 4.0% Brewed using fresh handpicked Elderflowers from the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside, Summer Dream is a clean, crisp, pale ale with floral aromas. A perfect ale on a summers day.
30 Green Jack Red Herring Red 5.0% A rich, fruity red ale, brewed with Oak and Beech smoked malts, giving the beer its subtle smokey flavour and dry smokey finish. Red Herring is brewed with inspiration from German 'rauch' beers.
31 Green Jack Orange Wheat Beer Golden 4.2% A bright golden 'wheat' beer, brewed with 40% wheat malt and a combination of fresh and dry orange peels. Orange Wheat has a restrained zesty citrus flavours from the hops and the peels, balanced with soft sweetness from the wheat malt.
32 Hadrian and Border Northumbrian Gold Golden 4.5% Light golden coloured ale with a biscuit malt flavour countered with floral and aromatic hops.
33 Hadrian and Border Reiver IPA Golden 4.4% Light golden bitter with a clean citrus palate and aroma with subtle malt flavours breaking through at the end.
34 Kent Old Jamaica Dark 5.1% A sweet stout based around a traditional Jamaican recipe with a modern twist.
35 Kent Black gold Dark 4.0% Dark, mysterious with the easy drinking qualities of a Golden Ale.
36 Mauldons Blackberry Porter Dark 4.8% A full bodied, black porter, with a balanced hop aroma & rich blend of chocolate & roast flavours, giving way to a subtle sweet fruit finish.
37 Mauldons Suffolk Pride Golden 4.8% A full bodied strong bitter, light in colour with a powerful bouquet of hops & developed fruit with a deep dry finish.
38 Maxim Maximus Ruby 6.0% Crafted from the finest ingredients with a hint of Demerara Sugar to create a strong and warming beer that is also smooth and easy to drink, dark ruby in colour,
39 Maxim Samson Amber 4.0% Brewed mainly using Maris Otter malt, with a blend of a small amount of Crystal and roasted malts to deliver its distinctive flavour. The balance, bitterness and aroma is enhanced through the addition of English Golding hops to both the main brew and individually to each cask.
40 Mordue Transatlantic Pale Golden 4.7% Mid golden Pale Ale combining Floral US hops with grassy, spicey English varieties.
41 Mordue Radgie Gadgie Chestnut 4.8% Premium strength northern ale balancing leafy hops, berry fruit and malt.
42 Salem Bridge Brewery Salem Porter Dark 4.7% Full of fruit, hazelnuts, almonds, liquorice and spicy hops, gently fused with roasted grains to create a flavour explosion of warm buttered toast and crunchy nut biscuits.
43 Wolf Brewery Granny Wouldn't Like It!!! Red 4.8% Dark red, rich and fruity. This mighty beer has many awards to its name. The swirling mix of flavours produces a complex but satisfying experience.
44 Wolf Brewery Lavender Honey Golden 3.7% Honey from The Norfolk Lavender Company is added during the brewing process to give this beer a delicate yet more-ish flavour.
45 Wolf Brewery Lupus Lupus Golden 4.2% Unique Flavoured blonde ale using fruity hops.
46 Woodfordes Norfolk Nog Ruby 4.6% Smooth, rich and rounded 'Old Ale' with a velvety texture and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice.
47 Buswells Landrover Amber 4.9% A new Brewery and Beer in the style of Ruddles County. Unfined
48 Charnwood Vixen Copper 4.0% Copper bitter honey/spice/fruit
49 Charnwood Hello Sunshine Golden 4.4% Pale bronze session ale soft fruit and spice
50 Church End Grave Digger's Ale Dark 3.8% Dark black and red in colour, with a complex mixture of chocolate and roast flavours. The use of two different hops, gives the beer a complex feel and smooth finish
51 Church End Stout Coffin Dark 4.6% Black, chewy, tasty & creamy
52 Dancing Duck Dark Drake Dark 4.5% Malty, caramel and liquorice flavours combine in a smooth drinking velvety, oatmeal stout with a freshly roasted coffee and toffee finish.
53 Elliswood The Bollocks Dark 4.0% A Festival Special
54 Elliswood Nelson's right arm Amber 4.5% A mahogany ale with autum flavours and fresh aroma.
55 Elliswood Black Rose Dark 4.5% A mild porter with a smooth and subtle chocolate aftertaste
56 Falstaff Darkside Dark 6.0% Deep red in colour with dark chocolate and plum aromas. Fruity bitter chocolate flavours and finish.
57 Freestyle Yeti IPA Amber 4.5% No tasting notes
58 Froth Blowers Riverside Stout Dark 4.8% An oatmeal stout with hints of smoked malt
59 Froth Blowers SPA Anthem Amber 4.1% Single hopped with Mandarina Bavaria
60 Hippy Killing Brewing Co Bajan 0 4.6% New brew, no tasting notes
61 Kendricks Boudicea Golden 4.2% Crisp golden bitter, malty, spicy and tangerine
62 Kendricks Harlot Amber 5.0% Heavyweight amber ale spicy malty & sweet caramel
63 Langtons Traction Amber 4.3% Light chestnut in colour, this bitter has a rich hop flavour and aroma.
64 Langtons Inclined Plane Golden 4.2% Straw coloured bitter with a citrus nose and long hoppy finish
65 Market Bosworth Porter Dark 5.0% Traditional porter, deceptively easy to drink, It's old fashioned yet bang up to date.
66 Market Bosworth Stout Dark 4.2% Dark as the night, with roasted notes and subtly hopped for that old fashioned taste.
67 Market Bosworth Pale Ale Golden 5.2% Golden, with buckets of hops, punchy bitter blend with citrus aromas.
68 Merry Miner Coal Face Porter Dark 5.0% A full-flavoured dark reddish in colour porter with under tones of fresh honey and chocolate malt in the finish.
69 Merry Miner Pit Pony Golden 4.5% Full-flavoured golden in colour premium bitter, with a smooth pleasing bitterness in the finish.
70 Merry Miner Miners Best Bitter Amber 3.7% A pale smooth traditional best bitter with a crisp bitter after taste.
71 Milestone Rich Ruby Ruby 4.5% Lightly Hopped with a Malty berry finish.
72 Milestone Harry Porter Dark 5.2% Rich porter with with subtle blackberry notes
73 Mr Grundy Bullet Dark 4.3% Devilish dark ale with a treacle aroma and a smooth rounded taste.
74 Slaughterhouse Black and Tan Dark 4.1% Otherwise known as half and half, Black and Tan is a well balanced blend of bitter and stout.

The following beers will appear on the train at some time

No Brewery Beer Colour ABV Notes
T1 Church End What the Fox's Hat Golden 4.2% A full golden coloured beer with a soft hop flavour and finish
T2 Church End Fallen Angel Golden 5.0% A sharp, full flavoured pale bitter. Bucket fulls of American hops, give it that lemony edge.
T3 Langtons Hop On Chestnut 4.4% A premium bitter deep chestnut colour. Hints of fruit in taste and aroma well balanced
T4 Langtons Caudle Bitter Copper 3.9% Copper coloured session bitter. Close to pale ale in style.
T5 Market Bosworth Best Bitter Copper 4.8% Dark copper, malty mouthfeel with a lingering bitter finish
T6 Merry Miner Davy's Lamp Golden 4.0% Pale barley in colour, full-flavoured bitter, citrus flavours on the nose, pleasing hoppyness in the finish.
T7 Shardlow Five Bells Red 5.0% Dark red coloured with a fruity aroma. Smooth on the palate, some dryness and roast malt in the finish.
T8 Shardlow Whistle Stop Golden 5.0% Mid gold colour, nutty malt, some toffee in the mouth. Faint hop and some dryness in the finish.
T9 Shardlow Cavendish Dark Dark 3.7% A mild, well balanced beer with a hoppy aftertaste
T10 Sperrin Band of Brothers Golden 4.2% Hoppy and full flavoured golden ale with long lasting smooth citrusy and refreshing overtones
T11 Sperrin Head Hunter Amber 3.8% Triple hopped with slight fruity hints and pleasant dry bittery mellow finish. easy drinking.

Foreign Bottled Beers

Delirium Nocturnum 8.5%
Trappist Ale 6.2%
Pilsener 4.9%
Quilmes 4.9%
Duchesse de Bourgogne 6.2%
Petrus Aged Red 8.5%
Kasteel Blonde 7 7.0%
La Trappe Dubbel 7.0%
Boon Kriek 4.0%
Celis White 5.0%
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel 5.0%
St Bernardus Prior 8 8.0%
Victory Prima Pils 5.3%
Maredous 6 Blonde 6.0%

- (May be subject to change without notice)
- May not all be available at once
- Some ciders may only appear on the train

Press Name ABV Type
Aston Manor Friels Vintage 7.4% M/D
Aston Manor Knights Malvern Myst 5.0% M/D
Abrahalls Status Quo Down Down 4.6% M
Barbourne Painted Lady Perry 5.0% M/S
Biddenden Bushells 6.0% M/D
Bottle Kicking Scrummage 6.5% M/D
Bottle Kicking Apple & Mango 4.0% Speciality
Bottle Kicking Rhubarb & Strawberry 4.0% Speciality
Broad Oak Moonshine 7.5% M/S
Broad Oak Perry 7.5% D
Cockeyed Cider Cock Bird Sweet 5.0% S
Cockeyed Cider Hedgehog Rose (Elderberry) 4.0% Speciality
Cornish Cider Co. Apple Slayer 5.7% M
Farmer Jim's Rootin Tootin (Ginger & Rasp) 4.0% Speciality
Gwynt y Ddraig Celtic Warrior 5.5% S
Gwynt y Ddraig Fiery Fox 6.5% M
Hogan's Harvest Press 5.3% M
Lilley's Cider Barn Crazy Goat Pyder 6.8% M/S
Circle Cider Cats Tongue 6.1% D
Millwhites Apples and Pears Pyder 5.0% M
Lyme Bay Eventide 5.0% M
Orchard Pig Philosopher 6.0% M
Purbeck Cider Co. Muddy Scamp 6.9% M
Scrumpy Wasp Nice Pear Pyder 5.0% M/S
Sheppy's Old Conky 6.5% M/S
Skidbrooke Farmhouse 6.0% D
Snailsbank Pig Squeal 7.0% M/D
Snailsbank Appley Dapply 5.2% S
Thistly Cross Whisky Cask 6.9% Speciality
Westons Country Perry 4.5% M/S
Worley's Mendip Hills 6.4% M
Charnwood Special Reserve' tba tba
Whin Hill Medium' in Bottles [500ml] (inc.VAT) 6.8% M
Whin Hill Browns' in Bottles [500ml] (inc.VAT) 5.4% M